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1 hour300 USD
2 hours500 USD
additional hour200 USD
overnight1500 USD

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escort service

Isabelle is a beautiful and young Russian model with amazing skills. She will easily make you her fan! Men love that this elite escort has a supermodel figure. Most likely, you follow someone like Isabelle on Instagram and often view naughty photos. Isabelle is a gorgeous woman with a perfect physique, perfect tits, a beautiful tight ass and everything else that attracts you so much about women. And her face is like the face of an angel, so clean, with gorgeous big eyes and plump lips. She is definitely a top class escort! Wouldn’t you like to be seen walking into a fancy restaurant with Isabelle?

Isabelle provides real elite escort service

There are a lot of chic places in Moscow that beautiful escort girls like to go to. Or maybe you would prefer a more secluded place? If you want, you can invite her to your hotel room, she is very professional and discreet. In fact, Isabelle always creates a comfortable environment and makes everything easier for her clients. It doesn’t matter where you are — in a restaurant, on a walk or taking a shower together. This girl emoji will make you happy and leave a smile on your face.

Beautiful Isabelle is escort girl from Moscow

This young woman has everything. These beautiful long legs are perhaps the first thing that catches your eye. They seem to go on forever, and they are beautifully tanned, like her entire body. The escort girl Isabelle takes care of herself and visits the gym almost every day. All this is for you, dear men! Although not, of course, she herself enjoys her beautiful body. But it seems that the elite escort Isabelle simply cannot live without your compliments. Admiration for her beauty is the key to her heart!

Look at her beautiful ass. Already want to spank her?

And those young 20-year-olds seem to be challenging all of you, teasing you and begging for your hands. To top it all off, her beautiful smile. When Isabelle smiles at you, it really looks like an angel’s blessing. And you can afford this escort from Moscow as much as you want… or as much as you can! Take the risk?


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