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additional hour150 USD
overnight1000 USD

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VIP escort Moscow

We want to introduce you to a charming lady with blonde hair, her name is Kylie. This VIP escort girl has a mesmerizing smile that can make you do anything, so be careful! Lucky for you, Kylie is such a sweet young lady and won’t manipulate you in this way. The first thing you’ll notice about Kylie, forgetting for a moment about her looks, will be her infectious optimism and friendliness. She is by far one of the funniest young escorts we have worked with. Perhaps you miss this in the local people in Moscow — people rarely smile here. In that case, pay attention to the escort model Kylie and you will not be disappointed.

VIP escort model Kylie has been working in Moscow for only one month

Kylie is not very experienced, but in the short time she’s with us, this adorable young blonde escort has received nothing but good reviews. In fact, she wants to make a list of regular customers for herself, which speaks of her as a very smart girl. After all, it is right for an escort business to show quality, and thus make friends for yourself. Kylie is interested in making new acquaintances, she is a real introvert and loves new people in her life. She enjoys getting to know them, their hopes and aspirations, and their desires and what drives them to do what they do. Escort girl Kylie is truly an amazing creature considering her age, but isn’t that what we all crave these days? This is youthful enthusiasm and curiosity!

In her spare time, Kylie loves shopping

There is nothing surprising here! After all, the young beauty Kylie wants to always look great and maintain her status as a VIP escort model in Moscow. Everyone loves it when their elite escort in Moscow looks good! Kylie has made her escort career a real profession, and no matter what she does in and out of the industry, it seems like she’s always focused on looking good. You will be very pleased to go to any restaurant, bar or hotel in the city with this girl. Call us to know more + 7-985-264-95-15


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